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I have just finished my 2D Animated Sci-Fi Horror Short-Short ESCAPE!

I'm also currently working on the script for my next Eco-film that blends 2D & 3D; while continuing to work on a book. 

 "ESCAPE" has just wrapped! The film is a blend of Sci-Fi and Horror that touches on a lot of current issues while also paying homage to some of my favorite entertainment escapes. "ESCAPE" represents the first film collaboration with the Sound Design Artist Keith Zizza!

Check out Keith's work here:

"ESCAPE" was fun and light-hearted, but the next film I am working on is much more serious and quite dark. The goal is to convey both my personal feelings about the health of our planet's oceans and dire seriousness of the topic, all while making it entertaining and honest. It's a tall order, hence the length of time being spent on the script/story. 


I am (forever it would seem) working on a book that I have been compiling for (more than a few) years now; it's mostly a labor of love like all of my projects. The book is about basic drawing and how to utilize and learn traditional drawing skills while integrating both modern attitudes toward drawing and modern tools. Unlike all of my other projects though, this one doesn't have an estimated completion date.

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Edward r. Gutierrez 

Ed has always been interested in 2D traditionally hand drawn animation. As a child he saw Walt Disney's The JungleBook, and it sparked in him a fascination and passion for drawing and animation that continues today.

After his long and successful career in the animation industry he's dedicated himself to the education of art and animation, sharing his knowledge and passion with students both new to and experienced in the field.