Josie Model

3-D (3-dimensional) computer animation is a process and medium that I enjoy learning and teaching. Every aspect from modeling, animating, to rigging and lighting has some interesting challenges that lend to 3-D animation's own special kind of appeal. As the industry moves forward always improving and enhancing 3-D animation tools and Visual Effects software it is important to both keep up to date with it all and (more importantly) look for new and creative ways to push those tools to their limits while integrating classical design elements and traditional storytelling methods. 

This is the latest version of the 3D model Josie. Josie is the human star of my current 3D short film that co-stars Ms. Pearl the cow. 

This compilation is of scenes from my MFA thesis film "From Dust 'til Dawn": Scene 01,

Scene 24, Scene 25, Scene 26 & Scene 29. 

Computer Animation (3-D)

This is a basic run through of the controls for my Janitor in the early stages of both her rigging and model.

Lights on in the museum set from my MFA thesis.

Lighting Test No. 3

2D Layout to 3D Model

Demo from February 2016 on how to go about the transition of 2D designs into 3D models. Here I used a production layout that I made while working on Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theatre.

Poly count: 10,000

Ms. Pearl Model

Art. Illustration. Instruction. 

Exploring more interior lighting options for props in the museum.

Lighting Test No. 2

This is my latest 3D quadruped model Ms. Pearl the cow. She is the leading bovine starring in my current 3D short film.

The Janitor: 3D Model

Lighting Test No. 4

Lights off in the museum set from my MFA thesis. 

2D Layout to 3D Model

Lighting Test No. 1

This demo from April is a continuation of February's demo, still focused on translating 2D layouts into 3D. Here I give an example of how to approach an exterior such as this fairly detailed 2D example. 

​Poly count: 27,000

One of the first explorations of the various lighting options that I had for my MFA thesis film.  

"From Dust 'til Dawn"