Position/Title: Assistant Animator

Character: Timon & Pumba


"A Day at the Beach"

Janitor Walk Cycle

        Cup A Joe

Feature: Looney Tunes Back in Action

Position/Title: Animator

Character: Daffy Duck


The girl from the scene above finds yet another fish washing on to shore. This fish is still alive and in a great deal of distress, as it is trapped in a plastic bag.

Traditional Animation (2-D)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Prior studio work available upon request.

All work represented herein are my own original drawings. 

Position/Title: Breakdown Artist

Character: Wilbur


Feature: Mulan

Position/Title: Key Assistant Animator

Character: Mushu


Art. Illustration. Instruction. 

Position/Title: Key Assistant Animator

Sequence: Rhapsody in Blue


Feature: Home on the Range

Position/Title: Lead Key Assistant Animator

Character: Farm Animals


Pipeline in Comparison

Feature: Aladdin

Position/Title: Assistant Animator

Character: Abu


Feature: Hercules

Position/Title: Lead Key Assistant Animator

Character: "Phil" Philoctetes


The Lion King

Position/Title: Inbetween Artist

Character: King Triton


Feature: The Emperor's New Groove

Position/Title: Lead Key Assistant Animator

Character: Kuzco Llama


The Little Mermaid

The Rescuers Down Under

Fantasia 2000

In this scene the girl discovers a dead fish that has washed up on shore. Which reminds her of the fact that over 70% of the world's coral reefs have been destroyed.  

This in class animation 1 demonstration took on a life of its own as a full scene. The demo is meant to illustrate the traditional 2D pipeline with those unfamiliar with the process.

Position/Title: Key Assistant Animator

Character: Quasimodo


"A Day at the Beach"

Feature: Pocahontas

Position/Title: Lead Key Assistant Animator

Character: Pocahontas & Flit


A walk cycle featuring my Janitor character completed while pursuing my MFA. The Janitor character is still one of my favorite characters to use and I often dust her off to animate small scenes.  

2-D (2-dimensional) hand drawn (on paper), animation, has always been the most appealing to me because of how much more challenging it is to create a performance completely from scratch. As contemporary life becomes more and more intertwined in digital methods and means, I find that it becomes even more pertinent to maintain disciplines from our "analogue" roots, to enrich and deepen the creative process.

Feature: Beauty & the Beast

Position/Title: Breakdown Artist

Character: Lumiere


Having a little fun with two famous cartoon characters, as an exercise in animating dialogue.

Feature: Tarzan

Position/Title: Key Assistant Animator

Character: Clayton